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Educational Toys: STEM TOY BENEFITS

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

STEM-thinking makes children better and more capable individuals who contribute significantly to society. But how do we introduce such a complex topic into the carefree world of little ones? It's really simple.

Give children real life problems that exercise different skills. This is not the same as telling a child "Joe has ten mangoes, and his father gave him ten more." That is a very mechanical method of teaching which doesn’t intrigue the child. Therefore, children don’t apply those theories to real life.

Instead, the idea is to present them with challenges that engage their curiosity and encourage them to persist until they get a solution. So, at a young age, what kind of challenges can you give a child that would catch their fancy and also help them exercise their STEM-learning? The answer is to design the challenges as play.

It is with this idea that the market has a separate niche of "STEM-learning toys" For instance, the Virsadi STEM toys. These toys focus on strengthening each element of STEM in order to make a career path as a STEM profession. A good STEM-learning toy develops the core potential of every child so they can competently choose any path in their life with logic and genuine insight.

This attitude gets ingrained in them early in life, and helps them face life head-on.

At the end of the day, the real objective behind STEM-learning is to help children grow up to be confident and highly capable unique individuals who think out of the box in whatever venture they choose. Imagine a society of individuals who are fully responsible for every decision they take in their lives. This could be the future if we accept the truth behind this, and help put our children on the path to such a dream.



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